Barn and Parlor Equipment: Parlor Systems & Walls

Walk Through Flat Barn Parlor System

Walk Through Flat Barn Parlor System:

  • Cows exit individually when they are done, no waiting for slower cows
  • Fast Milking – up to 56 cows per hour with 1 person in a double four! (that’s 7 to 8 cows per hour per stall)
  • Provides rapid dairy expansion at 10-12% the cost of a parlor pit
  • Gravity operated – no air rams, hydraulics, or springs to depend on
  • Can use existing barns
  • Increased cow and operator comfort
  • Reduced labor
  • Flat Floor Parlor System Stalls are available in single and double rows in multiples of two for each row
Roll-Up Crowd Gate

Roll-Up Crowd Gate

  • Cost-effective alternative to pusher gates
  • Innovative, simple design (U.S. Patent No. 5392731)
  • Available with manual or electric drive
  • Easily installed in any facility up to 31’ wide and 100’ long
  • No hanging cords
  • Hanging chains rather than heavy gates
  • No cross bar to catch or injure animals
  • Heavy duty construction for years of use

NuForm Wall Finishing Systems



An economical paneling solution for existing walls and ceilings.  Panels fasten directly to wall or truss with cement screws, no gluing required.  Will not warp, rust or corrode.  No paint needed.

  • Main panels are ¼” thick and 12” wide
  • Stocked in lengths of 12’, 14’ and 16’
    (other lengths available by special order)
  • Cement screw fastening kits are available
  • 6 trim options available
  • Stocked trim pieces are 16’ long
    (other lengths available by special order)
  • Panels and trim available in Natural White or Bright White


Rigid polymer forms that easily slide together to create a durable pre-finished wall.  Conform is a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction assemblies.  Finished product results in energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain, great looking walls!

Simple 4 Step Process:

  1. Erect the Conform Wall Framework
  2. Brace the Conform Wall Framework
  3. Pour Concrete
  4. Remove Braces & Walls are Complete