Barn and Parlor Equipment: Ventilation & Curtains

Basket Fans

36” Basket Fans –

  • ½ H.P. motor available in 1Ø or 3Ø
Panel Fans
Panel Fans

53" Agro-Breeze Panel Fan –

  • Standard 1 HP, single or three phase U.S. motor
  • 6 blades – quiet, smooth operation
  • Belt can be changed without removing fan blades
  • Equipped with automatic belt tensioners
  • Bess Labs Certified - Meets energy rebate requirements!
Cyclone Fans Cyclone Fans

72" Cyclone Plus Fan –

  • Uses a 3 H.P. Motor
  • Available in 1 PH or 3 PH
  • Six aluminum blades
  • Six adjustable deflectors optimize air throw and direction
  • Variable speed options available
Exhaust Fans

50” and 72” Exhaust Fans –

  • 50” Exhaust Fan
    • 1 H.P. or 1.5 H.P. motor depending on if you need a 1Ø or 3Ø
  • 72” Exhaust Fan
    • 3 H.P. motor available in 1Ø or 3Ø
  • Variable Frequency Drives are optional for even better efficiency and optimum performance
  • Fiberglass housings and cones are thicker and stronger than your average exhaust fan
  • Discharge cones are also shorter than many competitors, which helps prevent weather damage in actual farm conditions
  • Available in 12” through 72” configurations available by special order

Curtain Systems

Curtain Systems Curtain Systems
Curtain Systems

Agromatic Curtains

  • Automated or manual drive units
  • 16 oz. super clear curtains
  • Wind pipes (no ropes)
  • Rolls up to the top
  • Galvanized drive and end-pocket doors
  • Environmental controls available

Roll-O-Matic Curtains

Curtain Systems Curtain Systems
  • High quality, 1600 denier 12-ounce Nova-thene curtain
  • UV inhibitor assures long curtain life
  • Curtains never touch the ground!
  • No ropes, straps, cables or pulleys
  • Designed to withstand heavy winds, snow and seasonal harshness
  • Custom designed and built to fit your facility!
  • Installed by certified technicians and backed by a 2 year full warranty on parts and labor
Curtain Systems Curtain Systems

Poly-Air Curtains

  • Inflated square poly tube welded at the 4 corners
  • Ultra-tough 6.6 mil. UV resistant plastic
  • Efficient blowers – 55 watts each
  • 3-blower system allows for 3 opening heights
  • Seals and insulates while letting natural light through
  • Available in clear or opaque