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Agromatic Flex Stall

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New free stall technology has increased lying time by 90 minutes/day and decreased cull rates by 4-5%. Dairymen have been able to accomplish this by improving cow comfort and utilizing new Flex Stall technology. Agromatic's Flex Stall was developed in 2007 and is now available to dairymen across the U.S. 

Flex Stalls are flexible for comfort yet provide resistance for proper positioning.  Cow-Welfare, a company based in Denmark, designed the Flex Stall in 2007 and has since sold over 150,000 stalls worldwide.  Agromatic introduced this product to the U.S. market in 2015.

Dan Flood of Oakfield, Wisconsin installed 60 Flex Stalls in the summer of 2015. Conventional steel stalls were removed and replaced with Flex Stalls. Dan stated, "I immediately noticed how well the cows lay in the stalls. The flexible plastic pipes allow them to lie down faster and longer in a more relaxed position. I'm extremely happy with my decision to transition to the Flex Stalls." 

Agromatic's Flex Stalls are welcoming to cows yet are more durable than conventional steel loops.  Louis Averbeck of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin also installed 139 Flex Stalls in the summer of 2015.  Louis commented, "After milking, the cows love to come back and lay in the stalls.  Overall our cows lay better within the stalls and there's no more banging around or rub marks.  The cows no longer try to crawl through the head-to-head stalls.  I've hit a few of the pipes while cleaning with the skid steer and they bounce right back; this would permanently bend or break our old steel loops. I'm very pleased with the strength of the Flex Stalls."

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