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You Can't Afford to Skip Beef Cattle Mats!

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Agromatic is the only US distributor of the world-renowned German KRAIBURG rubber mats!

Fewer Injuries

  • Reduce joint swellings
  • Improve claw health
  • Decrease vet and treatment costs

Calm, Comfortable Cattle

  • Reduce noise and stress
  • Increase sure-footedness
  • Slow stressed herds

Faster Weight Gains

  • Increase cattle comfort
  • Improve feed conversions
  • Provide a sanitary and safe environment
Interlocking beef cattle slat mats.

Popular KRAIBURG Beef Cattle Products

Cattle Slat Mats

Cattle Traction Mats

Anti Slip Cattle Mats

Interlocking Mats

What do the Cattle Experts Say?!

Dr. Nels Lindberg

Partner, Production Animal Consultation

KRAIBURG MONTA cattle traction mat.

"The cattle industry needs your product ALL over."

Meet Dr. Nels Lindberg... a partner with Production Animal Consultation, a renowned independent consulting group, and owner of Animal Medical Center in Great Bend, Kansas. A distinguished graduate of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Nels is an expert in beef cattle care.

With a wealth of experience, numerous published articles, and frequent invitations to speak at veterinary conferences and training events, Dr. Nels is highly regarded in the industry. His dedication extends to large animal consulting, public speaking, leadership training, and business coaching.

Ty And Nels
KRAIBURG MONTA: Cattle Traction Mat for beef cattle (surface picture).
16387349_10212756447452363_3104629416898828603_n (002)

EasySwing Cattle Brushes!

Many benefits to cattle:

  • Encourages hair shedding
  • Keeps animals clean
  • Saves your fence posts or barn corners
  • Promotes proper traffic flow
  • No motor or electricity
  • Full swinging motion
  • Extremely durable
  • Bristles available as replaceable individual rings
EasySwing Large Brush Close Up

For both steers and calves!

Cattle Barn Ventilation by:

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Quality cattle ventilation by Agro Air Dynamics, a division of Agromatic Inc.

The Hidden Enemies in Your Beef Lot

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Disease Transmission
  • Odor
  • Humidity

As a beef cattle farmer, you know that proper barn ventilation is not just about your cattle's well-being; it's also a key to your farm's success in the market.

Investing in effective ventilation systems ensures your cattle are comfortable, healthy, and disease-free, which translates to better growth rates and lower operational costs.

A well-ventilated barn enhances your farm's aesthetics, fosters positive relationships with the local community, and ultimately boosts profitability.

Prioritize ventilation and highlight these benefits to set your farm apart, build a strong reputation, and then command premium prices for your high-quality beef products, all while fostering loyalty among your customers.

Popular Ventilation Products

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difference for beef herds!

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