BAUER Equipment

BAUER is the European and North American market leader in slurry separation technology.

Strong output and optimum dry matter content are the characteristics of BAUER Separators. Their durability and longevity are achieved through many years of experience, perfect technical design and the use of high quality material.

BAUER works to produce sustainable and economic solutions while remaining dedicated to ensuring the highest quality down to the smallest detail. BAUER has products to fit each dairy’s size and budget. For more information please contact Agromatic’s sales staff at (800) 800-5824 for more details on what solution is best for you!


BAUER S300 Separator Literature

BAUER S655 & S855 Separator Literature

BAUER Green Bedding Separator Literature


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Separation Saves Money

Separation stands at the forefront of liquid manure management. It is the starting point of subsequent meaningful liquid manure preparation. After separating into solid and liquid media, many useful opportunities for further processing exist. For instance, the separated solid portion is used today to produce valuable bedding material or compost. The liquid manure in turn ensures reliable growth in the fields during every growing season. It replaces chemical fertilizer to save money, lowers environmental impact and promotes animal health.

High Economic Efficiency

Slurry separation is the ideal solution for farms with a large animal population and small distribution areas. It reduces the storage capacity requirement up to 30%. Through specific use of nutrients of the liquid and solid fractions, mineral fertilizers can be saved. Extra profits are possible by selling the solids to other dairies or as a basis of compost for horticultural farms.

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