Rubber Flooring With Drainage

KRAIBURG’s RIMA rubber flooring is designed with unique drainage channels. The surface is curved with an approximately 4% slope towards the drainage channel.

  • Liquids drain off quickly
  • Keeps the surface dry
  • Improves overall cleanliness
  • Improves claw health
  • Light profiling + corundum on the surface optimizes grip
  • Reduces ammonia emissions

RIMA rubber flooring is suitable for new construction and renovations. Installation is easy with interlocking edges to connect each mat.

Manure removal with a scraper is possible; the cleaning lip must match the drain channels in the rubber flooring. KRAIBURG’s guidelines for manure scrapers also apply.




KRAIBURG RIMA Installation Instructions


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Thickness: approx. 1″

Mat Width: 50″

Standard Length: 82″

thickness: +3/-2 mm
length + width: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)
The tolerances also apply within the mat and when installed.

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