Lime Master Pro

Brand-New Product!

Designed and built entirely by the Agromatic team! 

The Agromatic Lime Master Pro is a 3-point tractor attachment used in applying hydrated lime to free stall beds. It is an ideal solution for barns using composted solids for bedding.

The dispensing unit has a hydraulic arm that extends over the beds. The lime is sent through the arm and applied to a 24” section of the stalls as the operator moves down the alley.


81” full-unit width

40” deep

32.5” tall

75″ inside width


.66 cubic yards

Standard Category 1 hitch


  • extending sides
  • 12 volt vibrator attached to the side
  • Category 2 hitch
  • Lid/cover


Lime Master Pro Literature

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Agromatic, a pioneer in delivering innovative solutions to the agricultural sector, is proud to announce its latest breakthrough product, the Agromatic Lime Master Pro. This revolutionary 3-point tractor lime spreader attachment provides an efficient and effective solution for applying hydrated lime to free stall beds.

Designed with precision and practicality in mind, the Agromatic Lime Master Pro is an invaluable addition to barns utilizing composted solids for bedding. This groundbreaking lime spreader product promises to redefine how dairy farmers manage their stall bedding, enhancing animal comfort and overall operational efficiency.

Key Features of the Agromatic Lime Master Pro:

Hydraulic Dispensing Arm: The Agromatic Lime Master Pro is equipped with a hydraulic arm that extends easily over the stall beds. This feature allows for precise and controlled distribution of hydrated lime as the operator navigates down the alley.

Enhanced Application: Lime is sent through the hydraulic arm, precisely applied to a 24-inch section of the stalls. This targeted application ensures thorough coverage and maximizes the benefits of hydrated lime.

Compact and Efficient Design: The product boasts compact dimensions, measuring 81 inches in full-unit width, 40 inches in depth, and 32.5 inches in height. With an inside width of 75 inches, it offers ample storage space as a lime spreader for ag. 

Impressive Capacity: The Agromatic Lime Master Pro has a substantial capacity of 0.66 cubic yards, ensuring that dairy farmers can efficiently manage their stall bedding needs.

Versatile Hitch Options: It comes equipped with a standard Category 1 hitch, providing compatibility with a wide range of tractors. Additionally, farmers have the option to choose from features such as extending sides, a 12-volt vibrator attached to the side, a Category 2 hitch, and a convenient lid/cover.