Achieve Optimal Hoof Health with KRAIBURG Rubber

Lame cow receiving natural hoof care, standing on KRAIBURG rubber mat for optimal hoof health.

In the world of dairy farming, the well-being of your cows is foundational to your farm’s success. One area that is often overlooked is your cow’s hoof health. In this post, we’ll look at the importance of maintaining healthy hooves in your dairy cattle and how KRAIBURG mats can help.

Summary of this post:

  1. The Role of Healthy Hooves
  2. The Economics of Hoof Health
  3. How KRAIBURG Rubber Mats Can Help
  4. Customer Testimonial: Arizona Dairy

Role of Healthy Hooves

Healthy hooves are essential to a cow’s ability to roam, graze, and access resources within the barn. When hooves are well-maintained, they ensure proper weight distribution, allowing cows to walk, stand, and transition between lying and standing without discomfort.

But it doesn’t stop there. Healthy hooves reduce the likelihood of lameness and related issues, translating to less stress and pain.

Additionally, comfortable cows show more natural behaviors, leading to increased feed intake, improved rest, and, ultimately, an increase in milk production and farm efficiency.

The modern dairy farmer faces several challenges in maintaining good hoof health. With cows often spending extended periods standing on hard and abrasive surfaces, their hooves are subject to increased wear and tear, making them vulnerable to injuries and disorders.

Left untreated, these will affect both the cow’s well-being and their milk production.

Economics of Hoof Health

Hoof health problems go beyond the barn, impacting the economics of dairy farming. Lameness not only affects individual cows but also hinders the productivity of the entire herd.

Cows with hoof health problems experience discomfort which leads to reduce feed intake, lower milk yield, and impaired reproductive performance. This results in direct financial losses due to decreased milk production and increased veterinary costs.

How KRAIBURG Rubber Mats Can Help

KRAIBURG Rubber - WELA stall mats.

KRAIBURG Rubber Mats are a game-changer in the quest for optimal hoof health. These mats offer many benefits that contribute to improved hoof health and the overall well-being of your cows.

First, KRAIBURG mats provide unparalleled comfort. They create a cushioned surface for cows to stand on, reducing the stress on their hooves and minimizing the risk of soreness and lameness.

These mats also offer superior traction, decreasing the likelihood of slips and falls. This enhanced grip supports natural cow movements and helps maintain stable footing.

Furthermore, KRAIBURG Rubber Mats act as a protective barrier, protecting cows’ hooves from abrasive or cold surfaces.

By investing in KRAIBURG Rubber Mats, you provide your cows with an environment that prioritizes their comfort and safety. This, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity and well-being, ensuring a brighter future for your dairy operation.

Customer Testimonial: Arizona Dairy

Justin Stewart from Arizona Dairy Company in Gila Bend, Arizona.

Justin Stewart, owner of Arizona Dairy Company in Gila Bend, Ariz., is very proud of his herd of 3,250 milking cows and 500 dry cows, plus youngstock.

“The better we take care of them, the longer they last,” he adds. His motto: Treat every cow like she is your only cow. “She’ll have her own accidents, but it’s important to try and minimize those and promote her life, giving her the most relaxing environment.”  

So, when it came to cow mats to protect these valuable bovine assets, the KRAIBURG KURA interlocking milking parlor mats have been a continual resource for the farm. “On the top of the concrete, you need a good mat and the mats from Agromatic are the best in the industry.”   

If you take care of your cows, they will take care of you.

Justin stewart

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