EasySwing Cow Brushes

EasySwing cow brushes are key to improving cow comfort and Agromatic Inc. is the ONLY Official USA Dealer!

Great for Cattle, Horses & Other Animals and…

No Electricity Needed!

4 cow brush options available


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EasySwing cow brushes are key to improving cow comfort as cows are very motivated by grooming substrates.

EasySwing Cow Brush Video:

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Cow Brush Benefits:

  • Keeps cows clean
  • Encourages hair shedding
  • Promotes proper traffic flow
  • Minimizes destructive behavior


  • Simple
  • No motor or electricity
  • Full swinging motion
  • Extremely durable
  • Bristles come as replaceable individual rings

4 options available:

LARGE Cow Brush

The Large Cow Brush is the largest and strongest of our swinging brushes. The Maxi brush is suitable for animals of varying sizes. It has been designed and built to withstand handling by large bulls, but small calves can also use it safely.

  • Largest and strongest of all cow brushes
  • Suitable for animals of varying sizes
  • Height: 60″
  • Width (distance from wall): 32-3/4″
  • Weight: 135#
  • # of Discs: 21

MEDIUM Cow Brush

The Medium Cow Brush is designed especially for mid-sized or younger animals. The Midi is also suitable for horses and ponies.

  • Designed for mid-sized or younger animals
  • Height: 41″
  • Width (distance from wall): 27-1/2″
  • Weight: 125#
  • # of Discs: 13

SMALL Cow Brush

The Small Cow Brush is designed as a stimulus for animals and for their independent brushing. The brush is suitable for smaller animals such as calves and goats.

  • Suitable for calves and smaller animals
  • Height: 24-1/2″
  • Width (distance from wall): 18-1/2″
  • Weight: 41#
  • # of Discs: 12

TOTEM Cow Brush

The Totem Cow Brush is designed for independent brushing of horses and bovines in enclosures and on pastures. The system is installed on a concrete plate. The meticulous design of the system and careful selection of manufacturing components ensure the Totem brush is built to withstand even the roughest handling by animals all year round.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Built to withstand even the roughest handling by animals year round
  • Height: 66″
  • Width: 19-3/4″
  • Weight: 125#
  • # of Discs: 25

Cow Brush Summary

  • Small Cow Brush – Suitable for calves and smaller animals.
  • Medium Cow Brush – Designed especially for young cattle and beef cattle feedlots.
  • Large Cow Brush – Suitable for animals of varying sizes (small calves up to large bulls).
  • Totem Cow Brush – A livestock scratching post designed for independent brushing of bovines and horses in enclosures and on pastures.

EasySwing Small Cow Brush for sale, suitable for calves and goats. EasySwing Medium Cow Brush for sale, suitable for young cattle, beef cattle feedlots, horses and ponies. EasySwing Large Cow Brush for sale, suitable for small calves to large bulls. EasySwing TOTEM Cow Brush scratching post for sale from Agromatic. Suitable for pastures.

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Want To Make Your EasySwing Brush Last Longer?

Each brush is built with individual brush discs. This means not only are they easy to replace (available to purchase individually) but you can also rearrange the discs if one area is wearing down more than others! Example: move the top discs to the bottom or vice versa.

EasySwing Brush Details

  • Save Money
    • EasySwing brushes can be installed anywhere within your facility. This means you save money not having to run electricity to multiple spots. Obviously there are zero electricity costs saving you money each month. Our brushes are the best value on the market so you save money on initial brush costs as well as replacement brush costs!
  • Improves Blood Circulation
    • EasySwing brushes are completely animal powered. This means they are moving their bodies to get the brush moving. This gets their heart rate up which improves circulation. Not to mention the bristle against their skin brings blood flow to the surface.
  • Minimizes Destructive Behavior
    • We all have seen animals rubbing up against something they aren’t supposed to be. Whether that be a gate, a pipe or the corner of the building. EasySwing brushes give animals a safe place to scratch that itch. They are heavy duty and will provide hours of stimulation for your animals.


Your brush must be registered to qualify for the 3 year extended warranty, CLICK HERE to register your brush.

Are you a zoo, sanctuary or nonprofit looking for an animal brush? Visit our animal enrichment page for more information!

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