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Cattle Mats

Rubber barn flooring "Made in Germany"

The Best Value in Stall Mats & Rubber Barn Flooring!

Fewer Injuries

  • Reduce joint swellings
  • Improve hoof health
  • Decrease vet and treatment costs

Calm, Comfortable Cattle

  • Reduce noise and stress
  • Increase sure-footedness
  • Slow stressed herds

Done Right the First Time

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
  • Saves $$ and unnecessary losses

A Safe, High-Quality Product

  • DLG Certified for safety and sustainability
  • Made with natural vegetable oils and recycled tires
  • Resistant to ammonia, uric acid, and sulfurous acid
KRAIBURG Cattle Mats - WELA stall mats with cow lying in cubicle.

Popular Stall Mats for Cattle

The KRAIBURG Cow Stall Mats offered exclusively from Agromatic cater to a variety of dairy farming needs... enhancing cow comfort and stall management. Click here to learn more...

Thick Rubber Stall Mat

3-Layer Cow Stall Mats

Our Top Selling Stall Mat!

Popular Rubber Barn Flooring

Agromatic's KRAIBURG Rubber Flooring line showcases a diverse array of products, individually designed to enhance cattle comfort and dairy farm operations. Click for more...

Milking Parlor Mats

Cattle Traction Mat

Perforated Rubber Flooring

Cattle Mats for Every Purpose

Why KRAIBURG Rubber?

Dairymen are worried about:

  • Water
  • Grain & Commodity Prices
  • Milk Prices
  • People Challenges
  • Animal Health
  • Performance

Experience Premium Cow Comfort with KRAIBURG

Since 1968, KRAIBURG, based in Tottmoning, Germany, has specialized in creating innovative rubber flooring solutions for dairy farms. Their commitment to cow comfort and environmental sustainability is evident in every product.

Why Choose KRAIBURG?

  • Expertise: Over 50 years in the industry with a dedicated team of 200 employees.
  • Variety: Customizable options including longline rolls and individual mats, available with interlocking or straight edges for a perfect barn fit.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with high-quality recycled materials, minimizing waste.
  • Seamless Installation: Easy-to-connect mats for a flawless and durable barn flooring.

Transform your barn with KRAIBURG’s cow mattresses and cattle mats, designed for all areas of your barn.

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Quality, Low-Carbon Footprint

KRAIBURG DLG Profile quality evaluation. Agromatic & KRAIBURG: A Commitment to Sustainable Cattle Mats

  • Eco-Friendly Process & Design: Meets current needs without compromising future sustainability, from design to disposal.
  • Efficient and Sustainable Materials: KRAIBURG emphasizes the use of materials with low-carbon footprints, high recyclability, and minimal environmental impact.
  • Durability and Safety: Long-lasting and safe for humans, cattle, and the environment, adhering to strict safety standards as defined by DLG (German Agricultural Society) - website.
  • Recycling and Environmental Impact: Nearly 100% recyclability of materials, aligning with Agromatic's environmental goals.

Environmental Achievements:

  • DLG Approved: The DLG-APPROVED designation is awarded to agricultural products that have undergone specialized testing by DLG (German Agricultural Society) based on recognized criteria, focusing on specific innovations and key characteristics of the product.In this case, the test assessed deformability, elasticity, and permanent tread load of elastic stable flooring for cattle and dairy cows, following established technical standards, and the resulting approval is valid for five years. For more on KRAIBURG's DLG Certification, click here.
  • ISO Certifications: KRAIBURG is certified under ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, ensuring systematic energy and environmental management.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: KRAIBURG measures and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions across its operations and products.

Agromatic proudly presents KRAIBURG cattle mats as a product line that not only enhances animal welfare, but also aligns with the values of environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Learn More

Click here to read our article on The Environmental Benefits of KRAIBURG Rubber

KRAIBURG Rubber Flooring

KRAIBURG's pediKURA Anti Slip Mats focus on hoof health, the Cirrus Mats combine traction and softness for dairy barns, and profiDRAIN mats excel in hygiene with their efficient drainage.

The MONTA Cattle Traction Mat provides safety on inclined surfaces, while the LOMAX is known for its versatility and ease of installation.

Our KARERA mats offer an economical solution for cow comfort, while the PASEO Parlor Pit Mats improve the working conditions for farm staff.

Additionally, our LOSPA Slat Rubber Mats and KURA Milking Parlor Mats are designed for specific areas of the farm, ensuring comfort and safety for cattle and workers alike.

Each product in this lineup demonstrates KRAIBURG's commitment to animal welfare and operational efficiency in dairy farming.

KRAIBURG Cirrus alley scraper flooring with tire marks over the top.

Most Popular Cattle Floor Mats:

Graphic of cow laying on KRAIBURG WINGFLEX Rubber Stall Mat

Most Popular Stall Mats for Cattle:

Stall Mats

The KRAIBURG Cow Stall Mats offered by Agromatic are designed to cater to different needs within dairy farming, enhancing cow comfort and stall management.

The WINGFLEX mat is renowned for its softness, adapting seamlessly to the cow's body, and is ideal for free stall systems.

KEW Plus, with its three-layer design, provides excellent support and is suitable for both free and tie stalls.

CALMA mats are designed with heifers in mind, offering a stable, air-cushioned surface. KIM mats, available in various styles, provide a comfortable, pebbled surface.

KKM mats feature a unique honeycomb underside for softness and come in different styles for versatility.

Lastly, POLSTA mats are designed for deep-bedded stalls, aiming to reduce bedding needs while maintaining comfort. Each product is tailored to ensure optimum comfort and welfare for dairy cattle.

Special Applications

The SIESTA and VITA mats by KRAIBURG are specialized for calving pens and areas with special needs.

SIESTA mats feature an air-cushioned underside for stability and slip resistance, with interlocking edges for complete coverage. They are easy to clean and reduce soiling underneath.

The VITA system, with its three-layer design (rubber-foam-rubber), offers 2.5 inches of comfort, a seamless top for hygiene, and a pebbled surface for slip resistance.

VITA is also heat insulating and reduces bedding needs. These mats are designed for optimal comfort and hygiene in sensitive areas like calving pens.

New calf on KRAIBURG SIESTA rubber flooring

Best Calving Pen Floor Mats:

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