Small Animal Brush

EasySwing Mini Totem

EasySwing just released the small livestock brush version of it’s popular Totem brush! Cow brushes are key to improving cow comfort and Agromatic is the ONLY U.S. Dealer!
The Mini Totem is designed for goats, calves and other smaller livestock.

No Motor – ZERO – Electricity Brush!

That Means Low Maintenance

Best Value on the Market


Agromatic EasySwing Brush Literature
Totem Assembly Guide
Assembly Guide for Totem Ground Installation Kit

Shipping Included!


How to install an EasySwing Totem Brush:

Time to replace the bristles on your brush? CLICK HERE to order.

Small Animal Scratch Brush Benefits:

  • Keeps cows clean
  • Encourages hair shedding
  • Promotes proper traffic flow
  • Minimizes destructive behavior


  • Simple
  • No motor or electricity
  • Extremely durable
  • Bristles come as replaceable individual rings

Mini Totem

The Totem cow brush is a cow scratching post designed for independent brushing of bovines and horses in enclosures and on pastures. The robust design of the system and careful selection of manufacturing components ensure the Totem brush is built to withstand even the roughest handling by animals all year round.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Built for smaller animals
  • Height: 47.5″
  • Width: 20″
  • Weight: 93#
  • # of Discs: 20
  • Box dimensions: 47″x32″×10″


We also sell a ground installation kit that makes it easier than ever to install the Totem brush anywhere! Please note the ground installation kit is sold separately so when ordering please note whether you want to add the ground installation kit. Alternatives to the ground installation kit are to cement in a post that would fit up into the core of the brush or the Totem can be bolted into concrete (bolts not included).

More Cow Brushes Available!

We have 4 different size options available to suit any size animal. CLICK HERE to see the main cow brush page.

    • Small Cow Brush – Suitable for calves and smaller animals.
    • Medium Cow Brush – Designed especially for young cattle and beef cattle feedlots.
    • Large Cow Brush – Suitable for animals of varying sizes (small calves up to large bulls),
    • Totem Cow Brush (Large) – A cow scratching post designed for independent brushing of bovines and horses in enclosures and on pastures.

EasySwing Small Cow Brush for sale, suitable for calves and goats. EasySwing Medium Cow Brush for sale, suitable for young cattle, beef cattle feedlots, horses and ponies. EasySwing Large Cow Brush for sale, suitable for small calves to large bulls. EasySwing TOTEM Cow Brush scratching post for sale from Agromatic. Suitable for pastures.


Your brush must be registered to qualify for the 3 year extended warranty, CLICK HERE to register your brush.

Are you a zoo, sanctuary or nonprofit looking for an animal brush? Visit our animal enrichment page for more information!

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Mini Totem, Mini Totem with Ground Kit, Ground Kit Only


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Cepillo para Animales Pequeños

El EasySwing Mini Totem es una versión del popular cepillo Totem, ahora diseñado para pequeños animales de granja como cabras y terneros. No requiere motor ni electricidad, lo que promueve un bajo mantenimiento y proporciona varios beneficios para los pequeños animales, como mantenerlos limpios, fomentar la caída del pelo, promover un flujo de tráfico adecuado y minimizar el comportamiento destructivo.

El cepillo es extremadamente duradero, apto para uso exterior y tiene anillos de cerdas reemplazables.

Las dimensiones del producto incluyen una altura de 47.5 pulgadas, un ancho de 20 pulgadas y un peso de 93 libras, con 20 discos. Adicionalmente, hay un kit opcional de instalación en el suelo disponible para una configuración más fácil, aunque se vende por separado.

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