About Agromatic Inc.

Our Mission

Agromatic Inc. has been providing America's Dairymen with the industry's highest quality agricultural equipment since 1898. As a family operated business we will continue to grow and meet the needs of our customers with unmatched service. We are dedicated to expanding our distribution network to better serve our customers. We will strive to be in the forefront of technological advances and introduce that technology to the market only when it meets our rigid reliability and quality standards.

Our History

Agromatic Inc. began more than 110 years ago in 1898 as Klinzing Manufacturing in St. Cloud, WI. August F. Klinzing was the founder. He was an important innovator & inventor of early barn equipment. Mr. Klinzing earned more than 15 patents with his various inventions such as manure carriers, stanchions, cow drinking cups, and barn cleaners.

In more recent times the company has taken the trade name "Agromatic" and has been run as a division of the A.F Klinzing Co. which was owned and managed by Dave Hoppman. Mr Hoppman owned and managed Agromatic for more than 38 years.

In 2010, Agromatic was purchased by a long time employee, Dean Birschbach. Dean started out as Shipping Manager and worked most recently as a Territory Sales Manager in Eastern Wisconsin. The company is now known as Agromatic, Inc.

Agromatic's headquarters are in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but we have dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Agromatic strives to supply farmers with high quality equipment at an affordable price.

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest!!


A F Klinzing Mfg. Co. - Factory #1 St. Cloud, WI (1898).


A F Klinzing Mfg. Co. - Factory #1 St. Cloud, WI At 14 years old, August F Klinzing manufactures litter & feed...
August F Klinzing inventor of the "Klinzing Carrier", U.S. Pat No. 837,306.


August F Klinzing invents ‘Klinzing Carrier’ U.S. Pat No. 837,306 Dec. 4, 1906. Patent US837306A Application filed April 9. 1906. Serial No....
A F Klinzing Litter & Feed Carrier Mfg. Co. - Factory #2 St. Cloud, WI.


A F Klinzing Litter & Feed Carrier Mfg. Co. - Factory #2 St. Cloud, WI.


Klinzing Manufacturing Co. incorporates.
A F Klinzing Barn Equipment Co. - Factory #3 New Holstein, WI.


A F Klinzing Barn Equipment Co. - Factory #3 New Holstein, WI.Newly built facility includes a modern foundry.
Louis and George Prentice with August F Klinzing.


Louis and George Prentice become shareholders of A.F. Klinzing Co. Inc.Company headquarters move to 921-A South 2nd St. Milwaukee, WI.


Manufacturing begins at 101 Western Ave. Fond du Lac, WI.
A.F.Klinzing Foundry Division logo. "Pig Iron To Cattle Fountains".


A. F. Klinzing Foundry Division located at 300 Pacific St. Ripon, WI.
A.F. Klinzing Co. Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. "AFK" logo.


Vernon Hoppman starts working for A.F.Klinzing Co. His son, David installs gutter cleaners during summer.
August Ferdinand Klinzing.


August F Klinzing dies; Louis and George Prentice become new owners.David Hoppman becomes a full time welder.
Klinzing "K" logo: SAY "CLEANSING".


Main office located at 740 North Plankinton Ave. Milwaukee, WI.
A. F. Klinzing Co. at the Fond du Lac County Skyport hanger.


Manufacturing moves to the former Fond du Lac Co. Skyport hangar on Prairie Road.
Agromatic a Division of A. F. Klinzing Co., Inc. metal sign.


Name changes to Agromatic, a division of A.F.Klinzing Co. Inc.


Vernon Hoppman, David Hoppman and Mary Prentice become owners.
Overhead view of Agromatic Inc. building in the 1970s.


Company moves to N6989 Rolling Meadows Dr. Fond du Lac, WI A.F.Klinzing Co. Foundry Division is sold to George Prentice.
Dean Birschbach: owner of Agromatic Inc.


Dean Birschbach starts working as a drill operator.
Marcia Hoppman (left), David Hoppman (center) and Steve Hoppman (right).


Vernon Hoppman dies; David and Marcia Hoppman become sole owners.


Agromatic starts working with KRAIBURG
Agromatic Inc. logo on red background.


Incorporated as Agromatic Inc., Dean Birschbach purchases company.
Agromatic Logo


Logo as we know it today is created
Agro Air Dynamics Brand launched on 06/29/2017.


Agromatic launched its exclusive barn ventilation division called Agro Air Dynamics. Agro Air Dynamics focuses on premium barn ventilation solutions for today's...
120+ Years of Agromatic Inc., the World Leader in Cow Comfort!


Agromatic Inc. has been in business since 1898! To celebrate this great milestone, the new website for Agromatic Inc. was launched on...
Agromatic EasySwing Totem Brush: Scratching post for cows.


LADbible Cow Brush Post Goes Viral On Saturday July 18, 2020 LADbible posted their video of the Totem cow brush on social...