Beef cattle traction mats presented by Whitney Twet. KRAIBURG MONTA presentation.
World Dairy Expo 2023
EasySwing Cow Brushes in different sizes. Displayed in the Agromatic showroom.
Agromatic Big Foot Silage Packer packing silage.
Barn Ventilation outside exhaust fans on Felton Farms, WI.
Beef Cattle Traction Mats
Beef Cattle Traction Mats

Whitney Twet discusses the advantages of using KRAIBURG MONTA on your farm or ranch.

World Dairy Expo 2023
World Dairy Expo 2023 poster.
World Dairy Expo 2023
Agromatic's 55th Year Attending!

Join Agromatic in celebrating 56 years of World Dairy Expo and Agromatic's 55th year being a part of the celebration.

Cow Brushes
Cow Brushes
No Electricity Needed!

EasySwing cow brushes are key to improving cow comfort and Agromatic is the ONLY Official USA Dealer!
No Electricity Needed!

Big Foot Silage Packer
The Big Foot Silage Packer is Made in the USA.
Big Foot Silage Packer
Pack Silage Tighter!

Our Big Foot Silage Packer is the solution for all your silage packing needs! Better compaction leads to better quality feed and more storage capacity. Use less fuel and do a better job.

Barn Ventilation
Barn Ventilation
Keep Those Cows Cool!

Studies have shown that it's not uncommon for cattle affected by the heat to produce 20% less milk output. Before your herd shows signs of heat stress, contact us!

Latest Testimonial

“If you take care of your cows, they will take care of you.”

Justin Stewart, owner of Arizona Dairy Company in Gila Bend, Ariz.

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Agromatic Inc is a farm equipment supplier that has been committed to providing America’s dairymen with the highest quality dairy farm equipment for over 120 years. From rubber stall mats, rubber flooring, parlor flooring, cow brushes, steel stalls, flexible stalls, dairy fans, silage packers and much more. Our team is dedicated to providing you the highest quality customer service possible. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help and ensure you get the products you need!

Cow Comfort News

Mini Totem: Goat scratcher and small animal brush.

New Product: Mini Totem Small Animal Brush

September 11, 2023

You asked and we listened! Our popular Totem Brush is now available in a mini size! Why is proper grooming important? Cows, horses,…

Animal Husbandry and Agromatic

Animal Husbandry & Agromatic

May 9, 2023

This term gets thrown around a lot in the livestock industry, but simply put, animal husbandry is how farmers breed and care for…

Coming Soon - COSNET Headlocks and Finger Gates

In stock today: COSNET Headlocks & Finger Gates

February 21, 2023

Agromatic Inc is teaming up with COSNET to provide high-quality headlocks and finger gates! COSNET is located in France and has been designing…