KURA Rubber Flooring.

It’s a fact, comfortable cows make more milk. Cows spend their days rotating between the milking parlor, the feed lane, waterers and their stalls. Make sure she is comfortable while she walks! KURA rubber flooring has been the benchmark for walking comfort in the industry for over 15 years.

KURA 1″ thick rubber flooring provides great footing and ideal softness. Puzzled edges allow for easy installation.

Applications: holding areas, alleys, lanes, parlor decks, rotary parlors, flush areas, etc.

KURA mats come in a variety of standard sizes or can be custom cut on our water jet in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to meet your needs. KURA can also be custom cut for most concrete slat panels.

Agromatic Inc is the sole distributor for KRAIBURG rubber flooring and stall mats in the US and Canada. KRAIBURG has established itself as an expert in the rubber business. Since 1968 KRAIBURG has been developing and manufacturing rubber mats for cow comfort in Tittmoning, Germany. Today about 200 employees concentrate exclusively on that.

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