New Product: Mini Totem Small Animal Brush

Mini Totem: Goat scratcher and small animal brush.

You asked and we listened! Our popular Totem Brush is now available in a mini size!

Why is proper grooming important?

Cows, horses, goats, donkeys and other barnyard animals all have grooming needs that have to be met to keep their skin and fur healthy. Regular grooming helps to prevent dirt buildup and keeps pets from making home on their coats.

Beyond hygiene, grooming promotes healthy blood circulation and encourages the shedding of old hair, allowing new, healthier hair to grow.

Unfortunately, most people can’t devote their time to attending to their animal’s every itch and scratch. On top of that, grooming by hand during shedding season can be a nightmare.

So, naturally, animals turn to the nearest fence post or tree to rub against, which isn’t an effective solution or good for their fur and skin. (Not to mention it can lead to damage to your fences).

Thankfully, grooming just became a whole lot easier with the Mini Totem Brush!

The Mini Totem scratch brush is designed for independent brushing of goats, calves, and other small animals in barns and on pastures.

Dirt, burrs, tangles, and shedding hair are no match for the Mini Totem goat scratcher! The durable bristles clean your animal’s coat while also stimulating their blood flow.

The Mini Totem brush also provides your animals with a necessary outlet for physical activity and mental exercise. Enrichment keeps your animal’s day interesting and helps minimize destructive behavior.

The Mini Totem was made with your convenience in mind. This goat scratcher is built to withstand tough weather conditions and animal roughhousing. On top of that, the bristles are completely replaceable.

Goat Scratching on Mini Totem, street sweeper brush for goats.

Additionally, the Mini Totem contains no motor and requires zero electricity! It is powered entirely by your animals, so you don’t have to worry about higher electricity bills. 

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