World Dairy Expo 2023: Uniting Dairy Farmers

World Dairy Expo 2018 coliseum globe with cow statue in foreground.

Attention all dairy enthusiasts!

The World Dairy Expo is back – and bigger than ever! Dairy farmers from around the world are preparing for an unforgettable event in Madison, Wis., to celebrate the heart and soul of their industry.

From October 3-6, dairy farmers, industry leaders, and experts will converge at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison for the World Dairy Expo 2023. This premier dairy event promises five days of networking, learning, and showcasing the latest innovations in the dairy world.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation

Dairy farmers can expect a diverse lineup of seminars, workshops, and demonstrations tailored to enhance their operations. Discover cutting-edge technologies designed to boost productivity and sustainability. Whether you’re interested in automated milking systems or advanced herd health management, you’ll find it there.

The Dairy Cattle Showcase

The World Dairy Expo is renowned for its prestigious cattle shows. Witness top-tier dairy breeds from Holsteins to Jerseys competing for coveted titles.

These competitions celebrate the beauty of dairy cattle, and also showcase the dedication and hard work of farmers who raise them. It’s a moment to appreciate the artistry of breeding and the commitment to excellence that defines the dairy industry, inspiring farmers and onlookers alike with the passion and precision that goes into every cow.

Marketplace of Opportunities

The Expo’s trade show is a dairy farmer’s paradise. Explore a wide array of exhibitors offering everything from farm equipment to nutritional supplements. It’s a one-stop-shop for dairy enthusiasts looking to source the tools and resources needed to elevate their dairy operation to new heights.

Whether you’re seeking innovative solutions to boost productivity, improve herd health, or enhance sustainability, the Expo’s trade show is where you’ll find the latest industry advancements, all under one roof.

The World Dairy Expo is a hub of knowledge exchange and innovation, where farmers can engage directly with experts, discover transformative products, and hear industry updates.

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Connecting Farmers Worldwide

The World Dairy Expo is more than just an event; it’s a global community of dairy farmers sharing their passion and knowledge. Forge new friendships, exchange ideas, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

World Dairy Expo hallway flags in 2022.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in all things dairy. Make your way to Madison, Wisconsin, this October for the World Dairy Expo 2023, where innovation, tradition, and camaraderie converge to strengthen the dairy industry. We’ll see you there in the Exhibition Hall at Booth 2011!

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