Agromatic a Division of A. F. Klinzing Co., Inc. metal sign.

Name changes to Agromatic, a division of A.F.Klinzing Co. Inc.

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A. F. Klinzing Co. at the Fond du Lac County Skyport hanger.

Manufacturing moves to the former Fond du Lac Co. Skyport hangar on Prairie Road.

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Klinzing "K" logo: SAY "CLEANSING".

Main office located at 740 North Plankinton Ave. Milwaukee, WI.

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August Ferdinand Klinzing.

August F Klinzing dies; Louis and George Prentice become new owners.David Hoppman becomes a full time welder.

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A.F. Klinzing Co. Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. "AFK" logo.

Vernon Hoppman starts working for A.F.Klinzing Co. His son, David installs gutter cleaners during summer.

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A.F.Klinzing Foundry Division logo. "Pig Iron To Cattle Fountains".

A. F. Klinzing Foundry Division located at 300 Pacific St. Ripon, WI.

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Manufacturing begins at 101 Western Ave. Fond du Lac, WI.

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Louis and George Prentice with August F Klinzing.

Louis and George Prentice become shareholders of A.F. Klinzing Co. Inc.Company headquarters move to 921-A South 2nd St. Milwaukee, WI.

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A F Klinzing Barn Equipment Co. - Factory #3 New Holstein, WI.

A F Klinzing Barn Equipment Co. – Factory #3 New Holstein, WI.Newly built facility includes a modern foundry.

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Klinzing Manufacturing Co. incorporates.

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