Agromatic EasySwing Totem Brush: Scratching post for cows.

LADbible Cow Brush Post Goes Viral On Saturday July 18, 2020 LADbible posted their video of the Totem cow brush on social media.  The video went instantly viral as people enjoyed watching the cows “extra happy” from the new installation. Here is the original LADbibile cow brush post on Facebook from July 26, 2020: https://www.facebook.com/LADbible/posts/7627373433976447…

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120+ Years of Agromatic Inc., the World Leader in Cow Comfort!

Agromatic Inc. has been in business since 1898! To celebrate this great milestone, the new website for Agromatic Inc. was launched on March 22, 2019. The modern mobile responsive site revealed Agromatic’s Cow + Comfort = Milk! slogan and advertised the company being a World Leader In COW COMFORT For 120+ Years.

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Agro Air Dynamics Brand launched on 06/29/2017.

Agromatic launched its exclusive barn ventilation division called Agro Air Dynamics. Agro Air Dynamics focuses on premium barn ventilation solutions for today’s modern dairy farms. Products include barn fans, barn chimneys, roof vents, livestock curtains, barn ventilation controllers and more!

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Agromatic Inc. logo on red background.

Incorporated as Agromatic Inc., Dean Birschbach purchases company.

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Marcia Hoppman (left), David Hoppman (center) and Steve Hoppman (right).

Vernon Hoppman dies; David and Marcia Hoppman become sole owners.

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Dean Birschbach: owner of Agromatic Inc.

Dean Birschbach starts working as a drill operator.

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Overhead view of Agromatic Inc. building in the 1970s.

Company moves to N6989 Rolling Meadows Dr. Fond du Lac, WI A.F.Klinzing Co. Foundry Division is sold to George Prentice.

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Vernon Hoppman, David Hoppman and Mary Prentice become owners.

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