The Environmental Benefits of KRAIBURG Rubber

Environmental benefits of KRAIBURG rubber on a dairy farm.

Environmental Sustainability

In creating their products, KRAIBURG prioritizes safety for the environment and the health of your animals.

KRAIBURG products are made of rubber that has been recycled from tires. This is because tire rubber contains lots of valuable natural rubber which can be reused in an ecologically sustainable manner. This sophisticated manufacturing process allows KRAIBURG products to be produced with almost zero waste!

Additionally, using recycled rubber allows KRAIBURG to hold to their Purity Rule:

KRAIBURG’s Purity Rule:“We refrain from regenerated rubber, textile fabric, chalk or other inferior filler– for high-quality and environmentally friendly products!”

Animal Welfare and Environmental Protection badge for cows and the Earth.
KRAIBURG Rubber logo.
We refrain from regenerated rubber, textile fabric, chalk or other inferior filler - for high-quality and environmentally friendly products!

Tested for Pollutants!

PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are formed during the combustion of organic materials and are found everywhere in our environment. Some of them are considered carcinogenic.The decisive factor is whether or not PAHs are released from the products into the environment.

Green factory icon. That is why, instead of using mineral plasticizer oils, KRAIBURG chooses to use vegetable oils in the production of their rubber flooring. These vegetable oils prevent harmful PAHs from being released into the environment.

DLG Quality Testing

DLG Quality Seal certificate # 6890 - KRAIBURG Rubber KRAIBURG is the 1st company to have registered their products for the DLG's PAH test and passed with flying colors! Additionally, KRAIBURG was awarded the DLG Quality Mark which shows that their products comply with the high DLG standards.

KRAIBURG products receive continuous monitoring as part of the DLG Quality Audit. Their products are now regularly tested – completely in line with responsible environmental and consumer protection.

The DLG Quality Mark provides you with assurance that the quality of KRAIBURG products is maintained at a consistently high level.

What Does This Mean for Farmers?

  • Animal Comfort: KRAIBURG flooring ensures cows' comfort, encouraging natural behaviors and promoting their well-being, supported by DLG certification.
  • Durability and Longevity: Proven to meet high-quality standards, KRAIBURG flooring exhibits durability and longevity, withstanding the rigors of daily farm life.
  • Regulatory Compliance: KRAIBURG flooring complies with relevant regulations, ensuring quality and safety, providing farmers peace of mind.
  • Investment Value: Backed by a reputable agricultural organization, KRAIBURG flooring represents a worthwhile investment for farmers.
  • Environmental Considerations: KRAIBURG flooring meets eco-friendly criteria, aligning with sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Ultimately, the DLG certification provides you with confidence in the quality, performance, and suitability of KRAIBURG rubber flooring for their purpose of providing comfort to your animals.

KRAIBURG factory in Tittmoning, Germany (drone view).
This is Gummiwerk KRAIBURG in Tittmoning / Germany: development, production and sales at one location – know-how and quality „Made in Germany“.
KRAIBURG DLG Profile quality evaluation.

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