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The Evolution of Tradition at Fiscalini Farmstead

In the heart of California's Central Valley, outside the bustling community of Modesto, lies a testament to dairy farming innovation and tradition: Fiscalini Farmstead. Fourth-generation farmer and CEO Brian Fiscalini has deep roots in the land and an eye toward the future. Fiscalini Farmstead stands as a beacon of sustainable farming and artisanal cheese-making excellence. The recent collaboration with Agromatic, integrating cutting-edge FreeFEED and RELAX Stalls, underscores a commitment to animal welfare and operational efficiency, shaping the future of dairy farming. Join us as we explore the journey of Fiscalini Farmstead, from its humble beginnings to its modern-day advancements, epitomizing the harmony between tradition and innovation.

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Historical Background and Vision

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Fiscalini Farmstead is more than a dairy farm; it's a legacy built on over a hundred years of agricultural heritage. Established in 1914 by John Baptiste Fiscalini, a son of Swiss immigrants, the farm has evolved from a modest crop and dairy operation to a sprawling 540-acre estate under the guidance of the Fiscalini family. Brian Fiscalini, inheriting the passion and vision of his ancestors, has continued this legacy with a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community. He reflects, "I am now the fourth generation here on the same piece of dirt, So we have quite a tradition of dairy farming." This vision encompasses a blend of honoring the past while embracing innovations that enhance the farm's productivity and sustainability.

within about the first week we started to see 45 minutes more lying down time...that's significant.

Brian Fiscalini about Agromatic's RELAX stalls
Agromatic FreeFEED cattle feed rail system.
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The Role of Agromatic Systems in Fiscalini's Operation

To enhance cow comfort and productivity, Fiscalini Farmstead integrated Agromatic's innovative FreeFEED and RELAX Stall systems. This transition, as Brian recounts, was driven by a vision to "upgrade our free stalls...for maximum lounge space and flexibility for the cows." The impact was immediate and profound, with notable improvements in cow welfare and operational efficiency. The FreeFEED system, allowing cows to eat in a more natural position, and the RELAX Stalls, designed to increase lying time and ensure cleaner living spaces, have redefined the standards of cow comfort on the farm. Mark Sanders of TDR, Inc., an Agromatic dealer, says the impact of these cattle feed rail and flexible free stall systems "equate to better production and a lot happier cows."

Impact on Animal Welfare and Productivity

Fiscalini's belief of animal welfare being a key factor in productivity lead them to the integration of Agromatic's RELAX stalls and FreeFEED systems. Brian notes with RELAX stalls, "within about the first week we started to see 45 minutes more lying down time... that's significant." This additional rest is directly linked to better milk production and enhanced cow health. Moreover, the FreeFEED system boosts feed intake while reducing the stress or injuries typical of traditional feeding methods. This comprehensive strategy for ensuring cow comfort has established a new benchmark in the industry, demonstrating that farm productivity and animal welfare are interconnected.

Fiscalini Farms: Cows relaxing in flexible freeestall system from Agromatic.

Sustainable Practices and Renewable Energy

Sustainability is fundamental to Fiscalini Farmstead's principles, as shown by their innovative practices such as the methane digester project. This effort, which converts waste into renewable energy, powers the farm and provides electricity to 300 neighboring homes. According to their website, "The desire for our operation to become completely sustainable is what led us to build a methane digester," Brian explains, highlighting their commitment to a green future. This commitment goes beyond just energy production, touching every part of the farm's operations, from feed production to waste management, and represents a thorough approach to environmental stewardship.

Fiscalini's Cheese-Making Tradition

While technological advancements have significantly shaped the farm's landscape, the art of cheese-making remains a cherished tradition at Fiscalini Farmstead. With roots that trace back to 18th-century Switzerland, the family has upheld this ancestral craft, producing award-winning cheeses. The proximity of the dairy to the cheese plant ensures the freshest milk is used, contributing to the exceptional quality of their products. Brian proudly states, "All our cheese is made with milk that comes only from our cows on our dairy... We are a true farmstead and confidently pass on the finest tasting cheese to our consumers." This commitment to quality and tradition illustrates the seamless balance Fiscalini maintains between innovation and heritage.

working with Agromatic on the free stalls and on the feed rails...I just think it takes us to another level on the dairies.

Marc Sanders TDR, Inc.

Marc Sanders from TDR, Inc.

Marc Sanders of TDR, Inc. in Turlock, California 95380.

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The successful implementation of Agromatic systems at Fiscalini Farmstead wouldn't have been possible without Marc Sanders from TDR, Inc., a distinguished Agromatic dealer. His dedication has been crucial for the seamless adoption of these systems. Marc's passion is palpable, "working with Agromatic on the free stalls and on the feed rails...I just think it takes us to another level on the dairies." His drive for customer satisfaction and innovation has strengthened the partnership with Fiscalini, enhancing the farm's success and animal welfare. Marc adds, "We’ve always tried to do what's right for the customer. They come first." Brian Fiscalini confirms, "TDR, Inc. has been a great partner for us...They've got us through every hiccup."

TDR Inc, (Turlock Dairy and Refrigeration, Inc.) is an Agromatic dealer out of Turlock, California 95381.

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What does the future hold for Fiscalini Farmstead?

Fiscalini Farmstead's progress highlights the seamless blend of tradition and innovation. In collaboration with Agromatic and supported by Marc Sanders from TDR, Inc., the farm embraces forward-thinking while honoring its heritage. Brian Fiscalini's commitment to cow welfare, land preservation, and high-quality cheese production sets an industry standard. These efforts, combined with sustainable practices, position the farm as a dairy industry pioneer. The evolution from traditional farming to a model of innovation and sustainability signifies a hopeful future for the Fiscalini family and dairy farms globally, aiming to integrate ancestral values with modern advancements.

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Kurt Loehr: Agromatic Sales Representative for California

Kurt Loehr, Agromatic sales representative for California, with Brian Fiscalini

Kurt Loehr is an experienced Cow Comfort Consultant. In his role at Agromatic, Kurt applies his firsthand experience with cow comfort solutions for the benefit of other dairymen, aiming to enhance dairy profitability through improved cow welfare. Additionally, he services Fiscalini Farmstead and California, bringing his deep passion for dairy farming to the forefront of his sales and consultancy work.


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