FreeFEED System

The Agromatic FreeFEED system is designed to allow cows to eat in a more natural position. The design allows cows to lift their heads while chewing and accommodates any size cow. With this greater freedom of movement, no rub marks or lesions form on the back of the neck. The FreeFEED system is mounted at a 10 degree angle to accommodate the cow’s reach. These vertical posts also control boss cows. Elevate your herd’s health and happiness with this natural feeding system for dairy cows!

Natural Cow Feeding System Benefits

  • Cows lift their heads for more natural chewing
  • Increases feed intake
  • Accommodates different size cows
  • No rub marks or neck lesions
  • Extends cow’s reach – mounted at 10˚ angle
  • Vertical posts control boss cows


Agromatic RELAX and FreeFeed System Literature

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A Natural Feeding System For Dairy Cows

Embrace the future of dairy farming with the Agromatic FreeFEED, a state-of-the-art natural feeding system for dairy cows. This innovative solution is expertly crafted to support cows in a more natural eating posture, allowing them to lift their heads comfortably while chewing. Tailored for all cow sizes and mounted at a clever 10-degree angle, our system significantly enhances feed accessibility and intake. The FreeFEED design is a game-changer in preventing rub marks and neck lesions, ensuring your cows are healthy and stress-free. With its unique vertical posts, it also effectively manages dominant cows in the herd. Choose the Agromatic FreeFEED for an unparalleled blend of efficiency and animal welfare, and witness a remarkable transformation in your dairy farm’s productivity and the well-being of your herd. Elevate your herd’s health and happiness today!

Agromatic FreeFEED Cow Feeding System Media

Check out the FreeFEED system (as well as some of our other products) at Hickory Lawn Dairy Farm in Cascade, Wisconsin:

Other FreeFEED Videos

FreeFEED Customer Testimonials

“The reduction in injuries from dominant cows has been remarkable. You can keep cows where they need to be, but the FreeFEED also eliminates the wear and tear on their necks.”
-Ryan Griffin

Ryan and Karen Griffin, proud owners of Kara-Kesh Holsteins, are committed to providing the highest comfort and care to their herd of 15 milking show cows. Their dedication to these principles, along with implementing the Agromatic FreeFEED system, has transformed their operation.

“From late lactation to pre-fresh groups, we witnessed enhanced well-being,… It’s amazing how much cow comfort has increased.”
Ryan Griffin

For more on how Ryan Griffin uses FreeFEED and other Agromatic products to improve comfort and calm with his herd, click here.

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