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The DAVIS Barrier Boot can be used as a replacement for a lost shoe to keep your horse balanced until the shoe can be replaced. Tough, durable PVC allows the horse to walk unshod, protecting the hoof from cracks and chips. The tire-like tread offers superior traction while walking on pavement, rocks or snow. The DAVIS Barrier Boot can also be used as a shoe alternative to your barefoot equine friend. The Barrier Boot is ideal for trail riding, parades, mountain climbing or mounted patrol units. The simple but secure pull-on application allows you to easily put the boot on at anytime without the need for additional tools. The Barrier Boot stays secure with a strong nylon adjustable strap without damaging the hoof wall.

Available in Black only. Sold individually.

DAVIS Barrier Boot Size Chart

SIZE WIDTH (inches) WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (inches) LENGTH (cm)
0000 3-1/4″ 8.3 cm 3-1/2″ 8.9 cm
000 3-3/4″ 9.5 cm 4″ 10.2 cm
00 4-1/4″ 10.8 cm 4-1/2″ 11.4 cm
0 4-1/2″ 11.4 cm 4-3/4″ 12 cm
1 4-3/4″ 12 cm 5″ 12.7 cm
2 5-1/4″ 13.3 cm 5-1/2″ 14 cm
3 5-1/2″ 14 cm 6″ 15.2 cm
4 6″ 15.2 cm 6-1/2″ 16.5 cm

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