50 Miles of KRAIBURG Rubber

50 Miles of KRAIBURG Rubber at Riverview LLP dairy farm in Morris, Minnesota

Riverview LLP is headquartered in Morris, Minnesota with multiple dairies across Minnesota and South Dakota. What began as a family beef and crop farm in 1939, has evolved into a comprehensive partnership with over 1,000 employees. Riverview strives to provide “a culture of opportunity for passionate people and innovative ideas.” This passion for innovative ideas, as well as their choice to prioritize animal care, is what led to their investment in our KRAIBURG rubber products.

Agromatic has been partnered with KRAIBURG for over 23 years and Riverview has been along for the ride for over half that time, having made their first KRAIBURG purchase around 2003. In the last 10 years Riverview has purchased over 259,945 linear feet of our KIM and KKM stall mat rolls. That is just short of 50 miles worth of KRAIBURG rubber! If you estimate the average stall size to be 48” that’s approximately 64,986 stalls!

In addition to using KRAIBURG stall mats, Riverview utilizes a variety of KRAIBURG flooring options. Each facility averages between 7,500 and 9,500 cows that are milked around the clock. Riverview’s rotary decks, as well as entrance and exit areas, are covered with our pediKURA rubber flooring. Newborn calves are housed on custom perforated rubber mats (similar to LOMAX) that provide a soft surface while helping maintain a consistent temperature.

When asked why they chose KRAIBURG rubber Lyle Grimm, Riverview’s VP of Construction, says, “the stall mats have proven themselves as we have never replaced any since the first were put in 2003. We like KRAIBURG and it’s clear the rubber is high quality and lasts a long time. We also like that whenever we have a new idea for a mat Agromatic and KRAIBURG are willing to innovate and try new things to solve problems.”

You too can use the same world-class rubber flooring and stall mats as Riverview and enjoy the same unmatched cow comfort. Make sure KRAIBURG is part of your next project, contact us today! 

Photos of Riverview LLP Dairy Farm