EasySwing Cow Brushes

EasySwing Brushes available at Agromatic!

Let us help your ladies scratch that itch. No electricity needed! EasySwing Cow Brushes can positively influence milk production by alleviating stress and improving circulation. They’re also a necessary source of entertainment. EasySwing brushes are an easy way to improve cow comfort without spending a lot of money!

EasySwing brushes, sold by Agromatic Inc in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, are as simple as it gets. No motors or electricity means they are safe, save you money and can be installed anywhere on your farm. We offer multiple sizes to fit any size animal. The bristles come as easy to replace individual rings.

Not only will you save money on electricity, but EasySwing brushes can help you save in other aspects as well. The brushes remove dirt and loose hair which means less time needs to be dedicated to that by your laborers. Also, since the brushes are a source of entertainment, this helps prevent wear and tear on other surfaces or equipment they may be scratching themselves against that aren’t built to withstand that level of force.

EasySwing brushes are designed and developed in Finland by FinnEasy Oy. These brushes are in stock in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin so call us at (800) 800-5824 to order yours today!

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EasySwing Sizes:

EasySwing Small Cow Brush for sale, suitable for calves and goats. EasySwing Medium Cow Brush for sale, suitable for young cattle, beef cattle feedlots, horses and ponies. EasySwing Large Cow Brush for sale, suitable for small calves to large bulls. EasySwing TOTEM Cow Brush scratching post for sale from Agromatic. Suitable for pastures.



Photo Gallery:

Cow in barn scratching on the EasySwing Large Cow Brush. Calves scratching on small cow brush. Cows scratching on the EasySwing Totem cow brush post. EasySwing large cow brush in use.