NEW RIMA Rubber Flooring

RIMA is KRAIBURG’s newest rubber mat. It’s specifically designed for use in alleys to help facilitate drainage. Each mat has multiple drainage channels and the surface is designed with an approximately 4% slope towards those channels to help liquids run off.

A dryer surface improves overall cleanliness and improves claw health. The dryer surface, along with the texture and corundum used on RIMA’s surface, help optimize grip as well. RIMA also reduces ammonia emissions.

Manure removal with a scraper is possible, the cleaning lip must match the drain channels in the rubber flooring and should be inspected frequently.

RIMA rubber flooring is suitable for new construction and renovations. RIMA has puzzled edges that easily interlock together to connect each mat. Each RIMA mat is approximately 1″ thick and comes in a standard 50″ x 82″ size.