Barn Fan Roller Shutter

Modern Airflow in a Barn!

Optimize your fan’s performance with our Roller Shutter! Designed for Variable Speed operation fans, it offers unrestricted air movement by fully opening during use, ensuring maximum airflow and efficiency at all speeds. Its insulated panel provides a tight seal in winter, keeping your barn cozy even in harsh winds. Enhance your barn’s comfort and efficiency with our innovative Roller Shutter!

Installing a Roller Shutter instead of the traditional air-actuated Louvered Shutter results in up to 10% increase in flow and up to 15% increase in efficiency!

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Barn Fan Roller Shutter – Empowering Optimal Airflow & Efficiency!

Embrace top-notch efficiency and flawless functionality with our innovative Barn Fan Roller Shutter! Designed to maximize your fan’s potential, this Roller Shutter ensures unrestricted air movement, promoting optimal airflow and heightened efficiency, crucial for Variable Speed operation fans.

Key Features:

  • Maximized Airflow: The Roll-up Door is meticulously engineered to be completely open during the fan’s operation, eliminating any airflow restriction and maximizing the fan’s efficiency at every speed.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from powder-coated aluminum segments and featuring Stainless Steel #304 Hardware, the shutter is resilient and built to last in challenging agricultural environments.
  • Insulated Panel: The insulated panel reduces heat transfer, effectively sealing the opening during winter, maintaining a cozy environment even under robust cold winds.
  • Performance Enhancement: Experience up to a 10% increase in flow and a 15% surge in efficiency by choosing our Roller Shutter over traditional air-actuated Louvered Shutter.
  • Single Power Option: Available in 1Ph 110V 60Hz.
  • Certified Motor: Reliability is integral; thus, our motors are either cULus or CE Certified and come with thermal protection.

Power Option:

  • 1Ph 110V 60Hz


  • Motors with thermal-protection
  • Insulated panel for minimal heat transfer
  • Powder-coated aluminum segments for long-lasting operation
  • Stainless Steel #304 Hardware
  • cULus or CE Certified motor


  • Elevated Ventilation Control: With Roller Shutters that stay immaculate and completely out of the airflow area when open, enjoy zero obstruction on the airflow of the fans, ensuring cleaner and more effective ventilation.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: The advanced insulation and sealing features help in maintaining the internal temperatures and regulating humidity, cutting down the energy costs significantly.
  • Enhanced Environmental Health: The proficient ventilation mitigates the accumulation of detrimental gases and minimizes disease risks, creating a healthier living condition for the animals.
  • Customizable & Seamless Integration: The shutters are customizable, fitting precisely with various fan openings and aligning seamlessly with the facility’s design.

Why install a Barn Fan Shutter Roller?

Traditional Louvered Shutters significantly hamper the airflow, with even clean shutters imposing an estimated 10% restriction, escalating swiftly up to 40% if not maintained regularly. The enhanced static pressure due to dirty shutters partially closes the opening, adding weight and reducing efficiency.

Our Roller Shutters transcend these limitations, offering an uninterrupted airflow solution and fostering a healthy, controlled environment indispensable for animal health, especially in dairy barns and milk rooms. They also curb loud noises caused by butterfly shutters and prevent condensation and frost attachment to the motor and other fan parts.

An Effective Investment:

Investing in our Barn Fan Roller Shutter is a step towards advancing airflow efficiency, optimizing energy consumption, and fortifying environmental health in your agricultural settings. This product is not just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment towards sustainability and operational excellence in agricultural setups.

So, welcome a revolution in airflow management, reduce operational costs, and boost the health and productivity of your livestock with our impeccable Barn Fan Roller Shutter!

Warranty & Disclaimer:

Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 3-year warranty on the entire Roller Shutter.

Please note, the door needs to be installed inside the barn, and its operation needs coordination with the fan.

A protection guard is not included.

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Persiana Enrollable para Ventilador de Granero

Optimice el rendimiento de su ventilador con nuestro innovador Roller Shutter para graneros, diseñado específicamente para ventiladores de velocidad variable. Este dispositivo no solo permite un movimiento de aire sin restricciones al abrirse completamente durante su uso, maximizando el flujo de aire y la eficiencia a todas las velocidades, sino que también proporciona un sello hermético en invierno gracias a su panel aislado, manteniendo el granero cálido incluso en los vientos más fuertes. Su construcción duradera, con segmentos de aluminio recubiertos de polvo y hardware de acero inoxidable #304, asegura una larga vida útil en entornos agrícolas desafiantes.

Al instalar un Roller Shutter en lugar de las tradicionales persianas con lamas accionadas por aire, se puede lograr un aumento de hasta el 10% en el flujo de aire y hasta un 15% en la eficiencia, lo que lo convierte en una inversión efectiva para optimizar el consumo de energía y mejorar la salud ambiental en su granja. Disfrute de una ventilación superior y reduzca los costos operativos con nuestro Roller Shutter para ventiladores de granero, respaldado por una garantía integral de 3 años.