Flat Barn Parlor

  • Cows exit individually when they are done, no waiting for slower cows
  • Fast Milking – up to 56 cows per hour with 1 person in a double four! (that’s 7 to 8 cows per hour per stall)
  • Provides rapid dairy expansion at 10-12% the cost of a parlor pit
  • Gravity operated – no air rams, hydraulics, or springs to depend on
  • Can use existing barns
  • Increased cow and operator comfort
  • Reduced labor
  • Flat Floor Parlor System Stalls are available in single and double rows in multiples of two for each row


Flat Floor Parlor and Crowd Gate Literature

Flat Floor Parlor Installation & Operators Manual

Flat Floor Parlor Layout Manual

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The Agromatic Flat Barn Parlor has U.S. PATENT No. 5392731.

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