FlexSTALLS are freestalls that are flexible for comfort yet provide resistance for proper positioning.

Once installed:

  • Cows enter the stall and lie down more quickly
  • Stalls stay cleaner due to proper positioning
  • Increase lying time
  • Increase milk production
  • Decrease cull rate

The flex stall divider system helps you attain optimal cow comfort:

  • Lower flexible plastic pipe – guides the cow into the correct position when lying down
  • Upper plastic pipe – guides cow going into and out of stall
  • Neck rail – assures cows don’t lay too far forward and stabilizes the stall

Are you looking for traditional steel freestall loops? We fabricate those right at Agromatic in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Call us at (800) 800-5824 to discuss your options!


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Check out the FlexSTALL stall divider system (as well as some of our other products) at Hickory Lawn Dairy Farm in Cascade, Wisconsin:


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