Agromatic Cattle Headlocks

Agromatic headlock panels are ideal for farmers who require a durable, cost-effective headlock. Our cattle headlocks are tough and reliable. Each cattle headlock is hot dipped galvanized. The cow panel can easily be mounted to round posts, square posts or flat surfaces.

Cow panels are available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ sections.

8’ panels – 4 openings – 124#

10’ panels – 5 openings – 155#

12’ panels – 6 openings – 185#

Panels can be cut down for smaller sections of cow lockups.

Agromatic headlock panels offer a larger entry and exit width than similar size headlocks.

Container pricing is available! Whether you are looking for a few cattle panels to replace your old ones or are building a new facility, we have what you need!

Agromatic Headlocks and V-Trainer Literature

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Agromatic Cattle Headlocks

Agromatic headlocks are hot dipped galvanized for extra durability. Our cattle headlocks were specifically designed to be easy to install and our low maintenance components will survive years of wear and tear.  No matter if this is a new construction or a retrofit, we have a variety of mounting options to fit your needs.

In addition to being people friendly, Agromatic headlocks are designed with cow comfort in mind! The larger entrance and down and out clearance makes her feel comfortable while the down cow release keeps her safe.

Available with four, five or six openings per panel.

Looking for Calf Panels?

Our v-trainers are available in 3 different sizes:

  • 8′ Panel – 6 Openings
  • 10′ Panel – 8 Openings
  • 12′ Panel – 10 Openings

Agromatic Cattle Panel

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