12″ Auger Feeder

A minimal cost, top efficiency feeder!

  • Basic drive unit includes 60# roller chain with two V-belts, motor pulley and 18” adjustable legs (longer adjustable legs available)
  • Feeder drive unit includes safety covers
  • Auger extension assemblies include hanger arch with bearing, auger with connector, and safety covers
  • Maximum recommended feeder length is 110’
  • Feeder sides not included
    • 12” Auger Feeder 6’ to 48’ – 2 HP Motor
    • 12” Auger Feeder 49’ to 90’ – 3 HP Motor


Agromatic Auger Feeder Literature

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If you want an economical feeding system for small herds or wish to keep your feeder investment at a minimum, the Agromatic Auger Feeder is for you. These bunk feeders are sturdy, reliable and built to give you years of trouble-free service. Enjoy the convenience of automatic feeding at a minimum cost.

Drive Unit – The powerful but efficient combination of V-belt and roller chain of the drive unit will give you years of satisfactory service.

Hanger Arch – Simple design and rugged construction assures long life on your farm. Ample clearance is given for a heavy flow of forage. Flow is controlled by simply raising or lowering the auger with the heavy threaded rod.

12″ Auger – Features strong construction of 7 gauge galvanized steel. Designed to move large quantities of feed with even flow and meet the demands of any feeding system.

Auger Covers – Safety covers come standard and are available in 6′ lengths. Made of 16 gauge stainless steel and can be fastened down to planks with lag screws.


Models FB7750 & CU7750: Auger Feeders & Conveyors Operators Manual

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