Cosnet Headlocks

Cosnet Headlocks are the quietest cattle headlocks on the market! They’re designed to be quiet and safe for your cows while being easy for you to use.

Cosnet Headlocks are made with high-grade, 6 gauge steel and are robotically welded and hot-dipped galvanized. The impact-resistant plastic is durable and comes with a 5-year warranty. Plastic bumpers keep headlocks quiet.

Agromatic will be stocking these in four different sizes:

  • 8′ cow panel with 4 openings
  • 10′ cow panel with 5 openings
  • 12′ cow panel with 6 openings
  • 10′ heifer panel with 6 openings

Cosnet headlocks can be installed upright or angled and can be mounted to round posts, square posts or building posts.

Reduce your working time with Cosnet CABON System. The CABON System automates the opening and closing of your Cosnet Headlocks! Each System can control up to 140 openings.


Cosnet Literature

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Cosnet is located in France and has been designing and building products for the dairy industry for over 20 years. The European quality is top-notch and their dedication to creating premium products has resulted in the quietest headlock on the market!

Impact-Resistant Plastic

Cosnet headlock plastic handle being drove over by a forklift and retaining its integrity. Understanding the concerns surrounding the durability of the plastic handles on the Cosnet CABON System, it is essential to clarify that these are not your everyday plastic components. These handles are meticulously crafted from high-quality, impact-resistant plastic, designed to endure severe conditions and resist wear and tear, common in the demanding environment of dairy farming.

This advanced material offers a unique combination of flexibility and strength, ensuring that the handles won’t become brittle or break easily, maintaining their integrity even when subjected to significant force or stress. To exemplify the robustness of these handles, we have substantiated their resilience with visual proof, illustrating that they can withstand being driven over by a forklift without sustaining damage. These handles, therefore, provide a durable and reliable solution, assuaging any concerns regarding their longevity and functionality, allowing dairy farmers to focus on what truly matters—efficient and humane management of livestock.

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