Official KRAIBURG Brisket Board


The maxiBOARD rubber brisket board supplements free stall control rail for correct lying position of the cow and allows for comfortable changing of lying position.

Brisket Board Dairy Documents

KRAIBURG Rubber Overview
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KRAIBURG maxiBOARD Installation Instructions

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The maxiBOARD Brisket Board for Cow

Length: 68.75″
Width: 5″
Height: 4.5″
Tolerances: thickness: +3/-2 mm, length + width: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)
The tolerances also apply within the mat and when installed.

The KRAIBURG Brisket Board is an essential addition to any free stall system. It supplements the control rail by ensuring the correct lying position for cows. It also allows for comfortable changes in position. Research has shown that 20% of the animals stretch out their foreleg in the pasture (Pelzer et al., 2007). This dairy brisket board allows them to do so in the barn as well. Made with high-quality rubber, this brisket board is flexible, robust, and animal-friendly. The board bracket can be easily retrofitted into existing stall systems. It is compatible with various stall mat options. With the KRAIBURG maxiBOARD brisket board, dairy farmers can provide a comfortable and natural resting environment.  Get a dairy brisket board that promotes optimal cow health and productivity. Click here to get a quote!

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