Direct Drive Barn Fan (Exhaust)

  • Balanced heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 aluminum or poly blades
  • Totally enclosed, maintenance free, PMAC motors
  • Extremely quiet operation on all speeds
  • Variable speed frequency drives included
  • Available in 55″, 60″ and 72″

Direct Drive Barn Fan Documents

Direct Drive Barn Exhaust Fans (PDF)

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The direct drive barn fan is an essential part of any barn ventilation solution.  Direct drive barn exhaust fans efficiently exchange air and keep our cows cool during the Summer months. The totally enclosed design is maintenance free and driven by PMAC motors that allow for extremely quiet operation on all speeds. Variable speed frequency drives are included and barn fans are available in three sizes.

Direct Drive Barn Fan Specs
Agro Air Dynamics product Power specs.


.5 < Horse Power, 1 or 3 Phase 3 > Aluminum blades.
Agro Air Dynamics product Cow Comfort specs.


10,110 < CFM @ 0.10 static pressure.
Agro Air Dynamics product Milk Production specs.


Barn fans help produce up to 20% more milk by reducing heat stress.