52″ Panel Fan (Recirculating)

The Agro-Breeze barn fan from Agro Air Dynamics is our top selling recirculating panel fan. Keep Your Cows Cool! with Agro Air Dynamics.

Agro-Breeze Barn Fan Features

  • 6 blade panel fan, 52” diameter galvanized blades
  • 1 HP, single or three phase motor
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Belt can be changed without removing fan blades
  • Equipped with automatic belt tensioner

Panel Fan Documents

Agro-Breeze Panel Fan Literature

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Livestock Fan Specs

Agro Air Dynamics product Power specs.


1 HorsePower, 1 or 3 Phase, 6 blades.
Agro Air Dynamics product Cow Comfort specs.


22,600 -22,200 Thrust CFM.
Agro Air Dynamics product Milk Production specs.


Up to 20% more milk by reducing heat stress.

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