Panel Fans

Our high-performance panel fans are specifically designed to provide optimal airflow and ventilation for barns. With their durable construction, energy efficiency, and reliable performance, our panel fans are the perfect solution to keep your livestock cool, comfortable, and healthy.

  • Available in 36″, 55″, 72″ and 84″
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Made with durable and corrosion-free fiber composite
  • Blades are made with thick aluminum alloy
  • Airflow designed to maximize efficiency


36″ Panel Fan Literature

55″, 72″ and 84″ Panel Fan Literature

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Panel Fan Sizing

Available in 36″, 55″, 72″ and 84″

Keep Your Cows Cool!

Agro Air panel fans have a proven track record and widespread use in various barn applications. We offer durable panel fans made of corrosion-free fiber composite. Our barn fans have heavy-duty bearing assemblies with double protection greased seals, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Thick aluminum alloy blades allow for efficient airflow and optimal ventilation in barn environments.

The high efficiency belts have molded notches, which facilitate easy replacement without the need to disassemble any parts. This convenient feature saves time and effort during maintenance and ensures uninterrupted operation of the fans.

Keep your cows cool with Agro Air Dynamics’ Barn Panel Fans.
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Agro Air Dynamics

Agro Air Dynamicw barn ventilation logo. When it comes to ensuring effective barn ventilation for cows in the dairy industry, the brand “Agro Air Dynamics” stands out as a trusted and reliable solution. Agro Air Dynamics specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative ventilation systems specifically tailored for agricultural applications. Our expertise in barn ventilation technology enables dairy farmers to optimize airflow, control temperature, and maintain proper air quality within their barns. Agro Air Dynamics’ ventilation systems are designed with efficiency and cow comfort in mind, helping to prevent heat stress, respiratory issues, and other health problems. By incorporating Agro Air Dynamics’ products, dairy farmers can benefit from improved cow welfare, enhanced milk production, and overall operational efficiency. With our commitment to quality and performance, Agro Air Dynamics has become a go-to brand for barn ventilation solutions in the dairy industry.

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